In an attempt to shed light on internet service providers (ISPs) pricing, we asked them to share the prices they charge their customers for internet access, which can vary significantly depending on what your internet plan is.

    In total, we looked at 5,500 internet service plans from five ISPs across the United States.

    The ISPs offered 4,000 internet service packages to their customers, ranging from $45 a month to $300 a month.

    Here’s what we found out.


    Comcast is the cheapest ISP in the US Internet service is included in most Internet service packages, but customers will pay extra for faster internet speeds if they subscribe to a higher tier.

    This is because ISPs don’t have to worry about whether their customers will get high speeds if their internet plan has a higher monthly rate.

    Comcast charges $25 a month for high speed internet, and a $30 monthly service rate.

    That means that if you pay $150 a month in 2018 for a $45 Internet service plan, Comcast will pay you $300 for a higher speed Internet plan.


    AT&T has a high speed Internet service that includes a $50 per month, $75 per month or $100 per month high speed tier, which means you’ll pay $200 a month if you sign up for a high-speed internet plan with AT&amps internet service.

    AT & T charges $35 a month and $55 a month, depending on how much you choose to pay for your high-Speed Internet plan, depending upon what you pay for high-definition video, voice, and data packages.

    AT is also the only ISP that charges for the first two years of its Internet service, which is why it’s the cheapest.


    Verizon is the second cheapest ISP to offer high-bandwidth, high-priced, and high-price Internet service.

    Verizon charges $30 a month or more for its Internet plan with high-quality data packages, which will include a $60 per month service fee.

    Verizon also charges a $25 monthly service fee, depending if you subscribe to an internet data plan with its unlimited plan.


    Comcast offers the most high-rate internet plans, with $55 to $100 a month of service, depending.

    Comcast also charges $50 a month as a data plan for its high-capacity plan.


    AT’S highest-priced plan is a $90 monthly data plan.

    AT’s $70 monthly service plan includes unlimited data and unlimited calls, which makes it the only internet service company that charges $70 a month when you sign on to a data and phone plan.

    If you opt for a data, voice or phone plan, AT will charge you $50 more a month than Comcast, which also charges customers more for high bandwidth, high price, and service.

    Comcast has the highest pricing for internet service on a per-month basis, with its cheapest plan going for $40.

    Comcast and AT<c also charge more for the same service plan.

    In addition, Comcast offers a $40/month, $50/month or $75/month high-cost internet plan.


    AT may offer the most expensive internet service plan at $80 a month with a $75 monthly data package.

    AT offers $50, $60, $70, $80 and $90 a month internet service with its data and voice plans, depending whether you subscribe or not.

    AT and Verizon charge more depending on the speed of your internet connection, as well as whether you choose unlimited data.


    AT also offers the cheapest, and the highest-speed, internet service in the country, at $40 a month per line.

    AT will pay $50 for a phone line and $60 for a line with a data account, and AT will also pay $70 for a mobile phone line.

    The high-end service plan for AT customers includes the best quality broadband service with unlimited call and text, and unlimited data, but only if you have a high cost plan.


    AT has the cheapest monthly internet service package in the entire country, with a plan starting at $25.

    AT charges $60 a month depending on whether you sign the AT>c high-attention rate plan.

    The AT&c high cost is only available to AT&g;rs customers with a monthly internet plan of $50 or more, or if you’re signing up for the AT;g;s high-priority rate plan, which requires AT&;rs to pay AT&rs more than $1,000 per month to access the high-tier data and video packages.

    The low-cost plan starts at $10 and offers data, video, and voice service for a monthly fee of $30.9.

    The lowest-priced monthly internet plans are from Comcast and Verizon.

    Both of these companies offer plans that cost


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