A man who survived a car crash while he was pregnant is sharing his story after he was rescued by a neighbour and a dog.

    Key points:The man survived the crash after his daughter was on a balcony at a Melbourne home with her familyDina Speri was sitting on the balcony with her four-year-old daughter, with one of her legs strapped to her chest, when a car struck the house, causing serious injuryDina’s father was working on a job at the timeThe couple’s dog was in the yard with her, when they heard a loud bang and saw a white sedan drive into the front yard.

    “I saw my daughter and I thought it was an accident, but I thought she was okay,” Ms Speris told 7.30.

    “She was lying on the ground, with a couple of injuries on her head and her body, her arms and her legs.

    I was shocked and panicked, so I jumped out of my chair and ran over there to help.”

    After a few minutes of trying to help Ms Sacci and her daughter, the couple called police.

    “We went over to the house and the police came and put us in a van and drove us to the Royal Melbourne Hospital,” Ms Densmore said.

    “They took our daughter and her dad to hospital, and the mum was in intensive care.”

    The man was transported to hospital and is now recovering.

    “He’s been treated and is improving.

    He’s got a bad ankle, but he’s recovering very well, so he’s stable,” Ms Bensor said.

    Her daughter, now 12, is recovering in hospital, with further treatment planned.

    “When we found out that the baby had been hit, we were just like, wow, what an awful tragedy,” Ms Kostecki said.

    “It’s been a long day.

    We’ve got a lot of work to do to save this family.”

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