The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on Wednesday regarding a $40 million settlement between the government of Arkansas and the state of Texas over the treatment of patients with a debilitating condition called “monroe internet.”

    The case is being closely watched because it pits the Obama administration’s “net neutrality” regulation against a provision of the law that bans internet service providers from charging extra for preferential treatment for content.

    The justices will consider whether the state’s provision is constitutional.

    The lawsuit, brought by three Arkansas families, alleges that the state law, enacted in 2016, violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The Obama administration and a group of tech companies argued that the law does not require net neutrality, which the administration says is necessary for the health of Americans with disabilities.

    The law requires ISPs to treat all web traffic equally, regardless of whether that traffic is being delivered over the internet or via a mobile phone or tablet.

    Supporters of the federal law, including the FCC, argued that blocking or slowing traffic based on content violates the law.

    The case was brought by the Arkansas-based Arkansas Citizens Network, a nonprofit that provides services for people with disabilities and their families, and the Arkansas Coalition for Independent Living, a group that advocates for people in rural areas and for disabled people.

    The families said the state had discriminated against them by denying them access to the internet, including by blocking their access to websites, blocking access to their personal information, and imposing a data cap.

    They also alleged that the government improperly collected and used their personal data for commercial purposes.

    The Arkansas Coalition of Independent Living sued the state in federal court in January and sought a declaratory judgment from the court to block the law’s net neutrality provision.

    The Justice Department, in a statement, said it is reviewing the case.


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