AT&T and Comcast are poised to announce their first rules to regulate broadband throttles, a key component of the controversial “information wars” that have led to billions in losses for the Internet providers.

    AT&t and Comcast will announce new rules on Wednesday that will allow consumers to opt out of data caps and limit the amount of data that can be used by broadband providers.

    The companies will also release new consumer data collection rules that will require them to collect information from consumers and other online businesses, including social networks and blogs, in order to provide them with better service.

    “It’s a great day for consumer protection,” said AT&ts chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson.

    “This is going to be a game changer for all of us.

    We are seeing the first signs of an information war that’s affecting the way people use the Internet.”

    The companies announced the new rules in a blog post on Wednesday, and a statement from the Federal Communications Commission said that the two companies “will begin the public process for adopting the rule today.”

    The FCC will consider comments on the rules before releasing final rules.

    The two companies said that it will require internet service providers to collect and share data on customers who use a lot of bandwidth and who have a high latency of the connection, and it will prohibit the use of bandwidth-hungry devices such as smartphones.

    “The Federal Communications Council’s Chairman Tom Wheeler is calling for this to be done in a way that is as effective as possible,” said Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in a statement.

    “These rules will not just protect the Internet and its users from unreasonable throttling, but will also help protect the public interest.”

    AT&Ts proposed rules to end internet data caps in 2016, and the FCC has taken up the issue again in a separate rulemaking.

    The FCC is also expected to release new rules that allow internet providers to charge users more for faster connections, which it says would help the economy by providing businesses with more customers.

    “Internet access is a cornerstone of economic growth,” Wheeler said in a prepared statement on Tuesday.

    “Our new rules will ensure that Americans can enjoy the Internet at a lower cost, while supporting economic growth.”

    The rules would also require ISPs to disclose to consumers how they use data, and they would require the ISPs to get consumers’ permission to share their personal information with third parties.

    AT &ts and Comcast say they will begin the rules this month.


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