A new study shows that even when online privacy is a priority, many people still prefer to engage in police-only interactions with police.

    The report, published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology, finds that the police are often the only people willing to take part in online conversations that have been going on for hours or days.

    “We found that when it comes to online privacy, police are more likely than other people to engage with online interactions if it’s not their business,” said lead researcher Adam Koehl, a doctoral student at Michigan State University.

    “If they are in an emergency situation, police will often be the first to respond to a crime, even if the police officer isn’t at the scene.”

    I think that this is what happens when you get too close,” Koehler said.

    “But that’s not what we found.””

    We have a tendency to think that if the government isn’t there, the people will be better,” Kuehl said.

    “But that’s not what we found.”

    The researchers also found that the likelihood of police involvement was higher when the subject of the interaction was male.

    They also found evidence that women are less likely to participate in online interactions than men.

    “What we found is that police officers are much more likely to engage online conversations with individuals if they have the right circumstances,” Koohl said in a statement.

    “When police are the only ones to have access to the information, they may even take the opportunity to engage the person in the conversation without any other police involvement.

    We call this the ‘safety net effect.'”

    Koehler and his coauthors suggest that the study is a step forward in exploring the interaction between police and people online.

    “Our study adds to the literature that shows that interactions between police officers and individuals online are often fraught and sometimes violent,” Koeshl said, noting that the majority of interactions between people and police involve a police officer.

    The study was conducted by Koehn, a researcher at the University of Maryland, and a team of other researchers from the University at Buffalo, the University in Virginia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the State University of New York at Binghamton and the University College London.


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