India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are set to announce a plan to offer their citizens the ability to upload and download at the speed of 500 Mbps.

    The plan is being backed by the governments of India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and is part of a plan by the Internet Association of the World (IAW) to create a network that would connect people from different countries.

    The Internet Association has previously said it is working on a 500 Mbps connection between India, India, and the countries of Pakistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The IAW will hold an Internet speed competition in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 20.

    The idea behind the new plan is to make the Internet accessible to people in underserved parts of the world.

    IAW chief executive Ravi Bhalla told The Wire that it is part the organization’s efforts to bring more connectivity to people’s lives.

    “The Internet will help to build an economy, it will help people to connect with each other, it is an economic engine, and it will bring jobs and opportunities,” Bhalla said.

    He added that India and Afghanistan have seen the benefits of the Internet’s growth in the last two decades.

    India has seen a rise in internet usage of around 10 percent a year for the last few years.

    According to IAW, India has the largest population of rural households in the world and is the third-largest user of mobile broadband.

    The average household in India has an average of about 2,000 computers, Bhalla explained.

    The country has seen the internet’s rise in popularity in recent years.

    Bhalla says the Internet association will be launching a portal in the country that will be able to connect people with the new plans.

    I am confident that this will be a good start,” Bhalli said.


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