AUSTIN — An estimated 2.3 million Australians lack access to internet access and about 4.5 million lack a cable service.

    Internet service providers have long been the main source of these gaps, with consumers paying an average of $50 per month to access their internet service.

    But a new report suggests that there is a growing appetite for a new approach: Internet-only services.

    The survey of 1,700 Australians by research firm Nielsen Research found that of those who don’t have a cable provider, 80% have internet access but have no cable.

    More than half of Australians who did not have access to a cable had a plan to pay $100 per month for internet access for their entire household.

    About a third of those without internet service also had plans to pay another $100 a month to buy a broadband connection.

    About 3% of Australians said they planned to pay more to have access, according to the report.

    While internet access has long been a staple of Australia’s life, it has become a luxury.

    “Cable and internet access is still a luxury,” said Nielsen’s executive director, Stephen Turturro.

    It’s also expensive, as it requires a large number of services to deliver.

    With fewer people having internet access, companies are trying to provide cheaper and more convenient options.

    Some internet providers have launched a new internet service called internet only service that provides internet access to people without a cable or internet service to pay for.

    According to Nielsen’s survey, Australians have been increasingly accepting of the idea of a “internet-only service” for the past year.

    For the first time in five years, about half of respondents agreed that internet access should be a basic necessity for people to get online, according the Nielsen survey.

    Nearly 60% of respondents said they would pay for a “full internet connection” if they could afford it.

    But the vast majority of those surveyed did not think it was possible to have a “good” internet connection without paying for a monthly service, Nielsen said.


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