The Globe and Mail has learned that new services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime are on their way out in 2018, and we are learning more about them as we approach the holiday season.

    The Globe has been tracking what services will be gone in 2018 and will update this story with any new information we receive.

    Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services Netflix is ending the service in 2018 The streaming giant announced the end of Netflix on December 4, 2018.

    Netflix subscribers will no longer be able to stream its original content on its subscription service, but you can still stream its movies and TV shows.

    Spotify, Amazon and other companies are now also rolling out their own streaming services.

    Netflix will no long be available in Canada The streaming service will be ending in 2018 for the following reasons: Netflix will not be available to Canadian customers.

    Netflix’s Canadian streaming service, dubbed “Netflix Plus,” will continue to offer its content on the company’s website.

    Netflix Canada is expected to launch in the summer of 2019.

    Streaming service companies will continue offering Netflix content across the country, though it is unclear if the company will continue the service through to the end-of-life date.

    Spotify will no be able on its website to stream original content.

    Spotify is offering a streaming service that includes original music, as well as exclusive, paid-for music.

    There will be no plans to continue to add content to Spotify Plus.

    Amazon Prime is ending in 2019 The streaming company announced that it will be shutting down its original video-on-demand service, known as Amazon Prime, in 2019.

    Netflix announced in October that it would be shutting Amazon Prime down as a service to the service’s original content creators.

    Amazon’s streaming service has been popular with movie studios and producers, and now the streaming company has closed the door to a market that has grown tremendously in the past decade.

    Netflix has a strong relationship with the creators of original content, but it has also had a hard time attracting them to its service.

    Netflix was able to attract a handful of major movie studios to its original service.

    But many of those studios ended up cutting ties with the streaming service after the service launched.

    Netflix is expected launch a streaming subscription service in the spring of 2019 Netflix has been struggling to attract content creators Netflix’s original video streaming service had a rough start, and it wasn’t until the company rolled out its own original streaming service in 2016 that it began attracting new content creators to its streaming service.

    The streaming platform launched with limited content.

    Netflix now has a large roster of content creators, including movie and TV producers, but many of its creators have stopped making original content altogether.

    Spotify has been trying to attract more original content with a service called Mixlr, but that service hasn’t been very successful.

    Netflix currently has a significant catalog of movies and shows, but the streaming platform is not expected to offer original content to its subscribers.

    Netflix may end the streaming subscription services in 2018 Netflix is also planning to discontinue its own subscription service by the end, the streaming giant has confirmed.

    The service will end in 2018 after being a popular service for Netflix and other subscription services, but Netflix’s subscribers are expected to continue paying to use the service.

    Spotify plans to shut down its own streaming service on March 1, 2019 Netflix is likely to end its original streaming services in 2019 Netflix will also be shutting the doors to its own dedicated service in 2019 after several years of service.

    With the streaming giants closing their own services and launching new ones, there is little sign of Netflix coming back in 2019, or even in 2020.

    Netflix also has other streaming platforms that are expected in the coming years, including a subscription service that it started in 2016 called Netflix Plus, which offers the same original content as the Netflix service, though with fewer features.

    Spotify also plans to launch its own app-only service, called Mixle, in 2020, but there is no clear timeline for when that service might be available.

    Netflix and Amazon have also been struggling with copyright issues The streaming giants are also facing copyright issues, and there is a possibility that their services could end up on the chopping block as well.

    Netflix did not respond to a request for comment about the streaming companies’ copyright issues.

    Spotify may end its own video-only streaming service at the end Netflix will end its video-streaming service, which launched in 2018.

    The company announced on December 12, 2018 that it is shutting down the service, saying it would no longer offer its original videos.

    Netflix launched the service to compete with its rival, YouTube.

    Its streaming service is based on the platform’s new video-to-text feature.

    Netflix said it plans to keep using the service for original content in the future.

    Netflix isn’t ending its streaming video service in 2020 Netflix’s streaming video services are still offering their own original video services, like Mixlr.

    Spotify and Mixlr are not likely to disappear in the near future Spotify is also considering the idea of launching a video-subscription service called OTT, which would offer


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