The average American’s monthly internet bill is already $5,000.

    But thanks to a new set of laws in California, that amount will rise by a whopping $2,400 next year, according to a report by the Consumer Federation of America.

    The California legislature passed the legislation in January, but has yet to take any action on it.

    Consumer groups, however, are already complaining about the legislation and calling for changes.

    The Consumer Federation is calling on California lawmakers to take a “comprehensive” approach to reducing the state’s “overburdened” internet bill.

    The coalition is calling for a new, simplified version of the bill, including better transparency for customers, a provision that would require internet service providers to make sure their customers’ information isn’t shared with third parties, and a more transparent process for companies to provide customer data.

    The bill would also allow customers to opt out of their Internet service providers’ “internet monitoring programs,” which would provide customers with a way to opt-out of the data being collected.

    California has also made some significant changes to the way it collects and uses data from internet service companies, including allowing the California Attorney General to launch an investigation into a data breach that affected more than 1.6 million Californians in 2016.

    The state also announced that it will require internet providers to provide customers access to the data that they collect, rather than simply collect it from them.

    The new legislation is already causing a stir among internet providers.

    Comcast has said that the bill “is designed to create a more efficient system of sharing information with ISPs.”AT&T, meanwhile, has said, “the bill’s lack of transparency is an issue.”

    AT&T says it would be open to discussions with the coalition if it can agree to improve the bill.

    But the coalition has warned that if lawmakers don’t take action, Californians could face additional bills in the coming months that would make it difficult for internet service to keep pace with the increasing cost of internet service.

    The California internet bill has been under the microscope since January, when AT&I and Comcast filed a lawsuit against the state and other state officials over how it was implemented.

    In a joint statement on Monday, AT&E and Comcast said they have been working with the California coalition for the last two years to improve their bill and that they will continue to work with the Coalition.


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