Google’s latest update on its data and security privacy policy has clarified that your internet service provider (ISP) may collect information about your internet usage, such as the time and date of your internet session.

    Google also noted that this data could be used for targeted advertising and other purposes.ISPs must collect your internet activity data to provide you with the best experience for your online experience, including ads, promotions and targeted communications.

    It is also important to understand how the information is collected and used, and to take reasonable steps to protect it.

    For example, it is important to ensure that the information collected does not reveal personal or sensitive information.ISP’s obligation to disclose your internet dataThe ISP must also disclose the information it collects about your web usage, including any data that you provide to the ISP.

    You can opt out of this obligation by providing a valid email address to the ISPs email provider.

    The email address must match your ISP email address.

    You also have to choose a different email provider for each country.

    You must also opt out for the following other types of communications: telecommunication and wireless; content, including email, social media and the internet; and the following types of data that are not stored by the ISP, such: location information, financial and health information.

    To opt out, you must enter a specific email address, such a personal or non-personal one, and provide a valid name and phone number.

    If you do not opt out in the email address field, the information will be shared with other ISPs in your country.ISPS can also share this information with other parties, such advertising companies and data brokers, for the purpose of targeted marketing and other types to be specified in the privacy policy.

    To learn more about how to opt out and protect your privacy, read this.

    Google also added a note about its security and privacy policy, stating that it collects and uses “information about the use of the Services to help manage your online activities, including to provide and improve the Services.”


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