The federal government is asking internet service providers to stop blocking or throttling certain websites and applications.

    The move comes after a federal appeals court found that the government’s so-called “net neutrality” rules had been applied too broadly.

    The federal Communications Commission is also seeking a court order to overturn an appeals court decision that found the rules had not been applied to internet service.

    The court case is now before the appeals court.

    The FCC has previously ruled that internet service provider providers should not be allowed to charge different prices for different services.

    The appeals court ruled that the FCC’s net neutrality rules did not prohibit internet service from discriminating based on the content of a website or application.

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said he would consider the court ruling, but is also looking to other ways to rein in the FCC from the courts.

    The ruling could be appealed to the Supreme Court, but a decision is unlikely to come until later this year. 

    The ruling could also be appealed back to the FCC by other internet service companies.

    Comcast said in a statement that it had already begun taking steps to comply with the FCC orders.

    The FCC’s order comes on the heels of an open letter sent by the public to President Donald Trump, who said last week that he would seek to “remove or severely restrict” internet service regulations in the United States.

    Trump, who campaigned on repealing the internet neutrality rules and has called net neutrality “Obamacare for the internet,” said the FCC should stop regulating internet service and instead regulate internet content, like video and movies.


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