The internet has been down in the country for days, causing thousands of Australians to lose internet access, but internet service providers say the problem is being tackled.

    Internet Service Provider of Western Australia says around 10 per cent of the nation’s population are experiencing issues with their internet service.

    However, the company says it has been able to solve most of the problems by using its “internet services” technology.

    “In most cases, people have been able use their existing network and it’s been working for most of those,” said RBC’s John Quigley.

    RBC has a team of experienced internet service engineers working on the problem, he said.

    A customer with a broadband connection is able to access internet service in most areas of WA, although there are some areas that have been hit hard.

    The internet outage caused widespread chaos in Perth.

    Many Perth residents reported having to queue up for hours in line to access their phone, while others were forced to use a VPN to keep their connections to their phone network.

    Some of the hardest hit areas included the town of Coorparoo, and some suburbs in the city of Werribee.

    Families were told to prepare for disruption by calling their ISPs.

    Customers were also urged to keep an eye on their mobile devices, and to use “smart phone backup software” in case their phones were unable to connect.

    What you need to know about the WA internet outage: There are around 6 million internet users in WA.

    Over 100 million people in WA use the internet.

    More than 100 million Australians have broadband connections.

    Around 80 per cent use a mobile device.

    It’s a major issue for people in rural areas, as well as those in the bush.

    About 40 per cent are using their home computers, which are often slow, and can’t always connect.


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