Comcast’s internet service for $300 a month might not be cheap but for those who want to have the best internet possible, it’s not the cheapest.

    The internet service is not offered for sale and does not come bundled with a phone, tablet, or TV.

    To get unlimited internet, Comcast will have to pay $20 a month for the first 12 months.

    Comcast’s internet access plans do not include unlimited data.

    You’ll have to subscribe to the company’s TV service for those limited data hours, but that’s a $50 price tag for the same data.

    When it comes to price, Comcast’s offer for the internet is the most affordable for those with a household of four.

    With its $300 price tag, you can get 4G data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second for $70 a month.

    That’s nearly half of what you’ll pay for 4G service in the US.

    However, if you need to have 4G speeds, Comcast has plans for a $200 a month plan for unlimited data and unlimited voice and text for $120 a month or $160 a month if you add on unlimited video.

    If you want to save money, Comcast also offers $30 a month broadband for $150 a month and a $150/month data plan for $140 a month in its home market.

    You can also sign up for a “data” plan for as little as $20 for unlimited video and $10 for voice and texting.

    That data plan will come with a $40/month service fee, but it will save you money by allowing you to buy data in bulk.

    You can also get unlimited text, data, and internet for $60 a month with data plans.

    As you can see, Comcast is offering a great deal for the best broadband and data for those wanting the best.

    Do you think Comcast’s pricing is fair?

    Do you have plans to get the most out of Comcast’s broadband?

    Let us know in the comments below.

    Follow Brian T. Smith on Twitter at @btsmiths.


    Which service is the best and why?

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