It’s an argument that has been used by people across the world as a justification for using the internet as a means to access and consume content, not just to share it online.

    This week the BBC launched a series of new programmes called Just Internet Service Alternatives, to help viewers find alternatives to the internet that don’t depend on third party providers.

    The series aims to encourage people to use more digital services.

    It will explore the best alternatives to services like Netflix and Hulu.

    There are also some interesting features like the new online chat app Whatsapp, which will help you find new friends, and the ability to download movies and TV programmes from Apple’s App Store.

    And finally, it’ll give you a taste of the world’s best services to use in a variety of ways, like in the way you can browse the web and play games.

    What’s new about the series?

    There are two programmes currently on the show: The First Time in Your Life: How to Start Using the Internet for the First Time is a special two-part programme that will explore how you can start using the new internet services.

    You’ll learn how to set up your first VPN and discover what the best websites and apps are for your specific needs.

    The second part, The Internet in Your Face: What’s New in the World of Internet Use is a short documentary film that explores the latest developments in internet access and how they affect people’s lives.

    Both are available to stream on the BBC iPlayer or on demand at the end of the programme.

    You can find out more about Just Internet service alternatives by watching the programmes on the new website, and also follow the programme on Twitter and Facebook.

    You can also follow BBC Sport on Twitter.

    You could also use this as a way to get involved in the discussion about the programmes, and if you want to help with the programme you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

    You also can watch the programmes online at: and

    The new internet service provider is Google.


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