Mediacom, the nation’s largest telecommunications company, said Friday that it will begin rolling out internet speeds that are 30 percent faster than those available today.

    The company says the new service will allow people to “simply reach your friends and family with ease” on a cellular network.

    “As Mediacampers, we are committed to serving our customers on an ever-expanding spectrum of network speeds,” Mediacam said in a statement.

    “We are proud to continue the work we have begun with the U.S. government, including our new Internet Freedom program, to advance broadband service for all Americans.”

    The U.K. and Canada are the first countries in the world to join the effort to bring high-speed internet to people without a pay-TV service.

    The U, Japan and Australia are the next.

    Mediacomm is offering the service at prices ranging from $1 to $10 per month.

    It said the company will begin expanding the service to other parts of the world in coming months.

    The move is a key part of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign to make sure the United States is a place that is open to everyone.

    Medias telecommunications service is not expected to be available to consumers until the end of the year.

    “The U.N. General Assembly passed the Digital Single Market and Universal Service Initiative in May of this year.

    This is a great step toward the full inclusion of the internet in all aspects of our lives,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of the Internet Association, an industry group.

    “While the U, UK, and Canada have been leading the charge, other countries have been slowly moving ahead.”


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