A common misconception is that the terms ‘internet service’ and the term ‘internet connection’ are synonymous.

    However, while internet service is usually defined as the speed of an internet connection, internet access is defined as how many people have access to the internet.

    That’s because an internet service provider can’t provide internet access for everyone, but only for a limited number of people.

    What’s the difference?

    When people say “internet access”, they’re usually referring to internet access speeds.

    This is often what’s known as the “download” speed, which is usually measured in megabits per second.

    The download speed is also referred to as the download rate, and is the amount of data a device can send per second over a connection.

    For example, if your download speed drops to 10Mbps and your download rate drops to 0.05Mbps, you’ll have 10Mbps of download speed.

    Similarly, if you can send an email at the speed 10MB/s, you can get an email with 10MB of content at the same time.

    A more accurate definition is “download speed”, but that’s not the most accurate one.

    In this article, we’ll be looking at the differences between internet service and internet access.

    How does an internet access provider work?

    When you’re in Australia, you may use one of a number of services to access the internet, including: mobile phone services: you may have one mobile phone, one landline, one tablet or one phone that has an Ethernet port.

    They all work by sending an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request to a specific website.

    A website may then send an HTTP request to your mobile phone to determine the internet service that best matches your speed.


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