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    The future of internet video services is a big question mark for all services. 

    It could also be a big headache for big names like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix. 

    How the industry handles this uncertainty is the subject of a series of reports.

    The latest, Internet Video Services Alliance (IVSA), was set up in June to oversee the industry, and a new report from tech consultancy eMarketer suggests that video streaming may be on the slide.

    The eMarketers report says that the industry is currently facing a “competitive threat” from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, and warns that this could impact video service providers like VideoStream.

    VideoStream has an advantage over the competition, as it has built up a strong customer base over the last five years,” the report says.””

    In addition, this new competition is likely to be driven by a lack of established video streaming players.”

    “VideoStream has an advantage over the competition, as it has built up a strong customer base over the last five years,” the report says.

    “However, it will need to keep innovating and improve to stay relevant.”

    VideoStream isn’t the only big name that is investing in video streaming. 

    Amazon has a video streaming platform, called Amazon Prime Video, which offers video streaming services from $7.99 per month. 

    Other services include Netflix, Amazon Video Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and other options.

    The internet service provider also has a service called VideoStub that offers video services at very low prices.

    But that service doesn’t offer video streaming, so it’s not included in the report.

    “The industry faces a number challenges including new entrants in the video streaming market, new players entering the market and a lack the ability to continue to innovate and deliver high-quality video,” the eMarkers report says, adding that video services are also on the rise in the US, with the number of internet TV customers increasing by 6% over the past year.

    VideoStream is a service that’s owned by VideoStream Inc, which is owned by video streaming giant Netflix.

    The two companies are in the process of merging their businesses.

    In December, Netflix and its parent company, Viacom, agreed to a $5.8 billion merger that will bring together their video streaming businesses. 

    The deal is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

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