Wireless internet access is now available for $10 a month from US cable providers, and a new survey shows the market for the service is growing.

    In a survey by research firm comScore, more than 70 per cent of US internet users surveyed said they’d like to access the internet without a cable subscription.

    The survey was conducted by comScore for the BBC News app and is available in the app’s settings. 

    The survey found that 74 per cent respondents said they were willing to pay $10 for internet access without a contract, while 39 per cent said they would pay $25 or more.

    ComScore said more than 6 million people in the US have a broadband subscription, and nearly 6 million have access to a wireless broadband provider.

    The internet access services offered by the top five cable providers in the United States are as follows: AT&T (AT&T) is the only one to offer a wireless internet package. 

    Comcast (Comcast) and Verizon (Verizon) offer a package that includes access to the internet and a phone plan. 

    T-Mobile US has the most wireless internet in the country, offering customers a $40 plan with a monthly plan cap of $40. 

    There are a number of ways to get access to wireless internet, including paying with credit cards or prepaid cards. 

    Internet access is often the first option for people who have been cut off from the internet, and it’s increasingly being offered to people without access to high speed internet service.

    The average internet speed for US households was 4.9 megabits per second in April, according to comScore. 

    More: ComScore says wireless internet is a growing market and the industry is ‘committed to delivering more options’ for those looking to access their data


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