Portland, Oregon—Amazon announced on Thursday that it will soon begin offering internet services to Portlanders, including residential and commercial, as part of an ambitious plan to build out its Internet community service program.

    Amazon announced the move on its blog, writing, “In Portland, we have an incredible opportunity to bring a large and diverse community of over 4 million Internet users together to have a seamless, affordable and reliable service.”

    “We’re going to bring an incredible service to you,” the company wrote.

    “It’s a service that connects people of all ages and abilities, with an array of capabilities, services, and resources that are essential for them to connect, stay connected, and thrive.”

    Amazon’s announcement came just days after the city announced its plan to expand its existing network of internet services beyond the downtown core and to offer them to the neighborhoods of the city.

    The city is also planning to install its first fiber-optic cable to connect the area with Amazon’s new services.

    The announcement comes as Amazon, in a bid to expand beyond its home city, has announced it will invest in an ambitious network of Internet service centers across the US.

    While Amazon has historically been a proponent of broadband, it has recently made a move toward offering its own internet service through its own Amazon Web Services, or AWS.

    The move to offer such services to the city of Portland comes just months after Amazon announced it would begin offering its service to residents in the Portland area.

    “We’ve been trying to get to this point, and I think we’re finally on the verge of it,” Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos said in a blog post.

    The move by Amazon to Portland comes after it announced in November it would spend $4 billion to expand into the Portland metropolitan area. “

    The Internet is a big part of who we are, and what we do, and who we’re trying to build and how we’re going, and Portland is one of the places where we think we can connect people to that.”

    The move by Amazon to Portland comes after it announced in November it would spend $4 billion to expand into the Portland metropolitan area.

    The investment is expected to provide more than 4,000 jobs and create about 150,000 new jobs.

    As part of its $4.4 billion investment, Amazon will add another 400 to 500 jobs in Portland, including in IT and other technology areas.

    The company also plans to invest more than $1 billion in the region over the next two years, in the form of a $1.5 billion, 100-year contract with the city’s utility.

    The Portland Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will receive an additional $750 million in state funds to help build the network.

    Amazon’s decision to open its Portland headquarters to its residents is part of the company’s broader strategy to invest heavily in the city as it looks to expand internationally.

    Earlier this year, Amazon announced plans to open two offices in New York City and the U.K., and in August, the company announced plans for a $25 billion investment in Seattle.


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