NEW YORK — — — A number of different internet service providers, including Charter Communications Inc. and Videotron, announced Tuesday they would offer unlimited data plans for the New York City and New Jersey areas.

    These include speeds of up to 10 megabits per second in New York, up to 1 gigabit per second for New Jersey, and up to 4 gigabit for New York and Jersey.

    These plans are available in New Jersey through Charter’s New Jersey Digital City service, which was launched in April.

    “We’re thrilled to announce that Charter is expanding their New York area service,” said Chris Connelly, chief marketing officer of Charter.

    “The Charter New York service is a great place to get the fastest internet speed available for your home, and we’re excited to offer unlimited internet service to New Yorkers in the city and to the people of New Jersey.”

    New Jersey will be one of the first cities to see these plans, which will start rolling out this fall.

    Charter also announced that it would provide New Jersey with the ability to access its new Gigabit Ethernet service as part of the service.

    Charter has also begun rolling out service in New Orleans, with a new plan available beginning in October.

    In all, there are about 6 million people in New England and the Northeast that have access to Internet services in a way that is comparable to their home cities, Connelly said.

    In addition to these plans and a number of others, Charter is also offering services for $1 per month in some states, including Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

    “These plans provide people with the flexibility to access the most affordable internet options in their communities,” Connelly added.

    “Our network is the envy of the world and we are pleased to offer these plans to New Jersey customers as part the Charter Digital City initiative.”

    Charter has partnered with the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to provide internet access to New York.

    Charter will also offer a service called Digital City that offers gigabit speeds and is available through the state’s Digital City program.

    This is the same service that is available in Boston, Boston’s suburbs, and several other cities.

    “Charter is committed to building an industry-leading network that will deliver reliable and affordable Internet service to its customers in New Brunswick, New Jersey,” said Michael J. Schmitz, CEO of Charter Communications.

    “With our Digital City offering, New Brunswick customers will enjoy high-speed access to the internet at a lower cost, with no blackout fees, over the air (OTA) internet service and no data caps.”

    Verizon, the second-largest cable company in the United States, announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its plans to customers in its service area in New Hampshire.

    Verizon is offering gigabit broadband speeds for $50 a month in the New Hampshire market.

    The company is also rolling out the service to the New England area, and is offering unlimited internet for a limited time through its FiOS service.

    Verizon will offer unlimited Internet service for the entire New England region in early October.

    Comcast is also expanding its broadband offering to its New Jersey area.

    The ISP is offering a gigabit Internet service that can be accessed for $35 a month for the state of New Brunswick.

    Comcast will also roll out gigabit internet in the state through its New Brunswick Digital City plan.

    Comcast’s Gigabit Broadband plans will start in October, and customers will also be able to access unlimited internet with no data limits for the rest of the New Brunswick region.

    “Gigabit broadband is a key part of our customers’ ability to connect to the world’s fastest and most powerful internet services,” said John Rabe, CEO and president of Comcast Cable Communications.

    Comcast has been a strong supporter of broadband deployment in the U.S. and has been in discussions with the state about rolling out gigabyte internet to its area.

    Comcast also announced on Wednesday that it has partnered up with Verizon to provide gigabit services to its service areas in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

    Verizon and Comcast will be the only broadband providers offering gigabyte broadband in New Zealand.

    As part of this partnership, Verizon will provide gigabyte Internet service in the Auckland region of New Zealand starting this summer.

    Verizon Wireless is also launching gigabit service in Auckland in October through its Auckland Digital City and is in the process of launching gigabyte service in South Australia and Tasmania.

    Comcast announced in February that it will offer gigabit access in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York State, and Washington, D.C. Comcast currently offers gigabyte services in several of the states.

    “For customers in the Greater New England, Gigabit is a game changer,” said Tim Clark, senior vice president of digital and media for Comcast Cable.

    “It will allow us to offer gigabyte speeds to our customers in many of the markets where we currently offer gigabytes.

    It will also help us meet the needs of our customer base in the


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