With a big release on Xbox in the works, Microsoft has decided to go the full-featured internet service route for its gaming service.

    Starting today, VMs will be able to access Xbox Live, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Live Games, but it seems they will not be able access Xbox One games or services like Xbox Live Arcade or Xbox Live Movies.

    The news comes from Microsoft’s press release on Friday.

    The statement read:”Today, we are announcing that VVM will be coming to Xbox One in the near future, and we’re looking forward to letting you get a taste of it by signing up to Xbox Live now.

    You can sign up here and get started with your free trial of VVM.

    We also have a number of new Xbox Live features coming soon, including more personalized channels, and a revamped Xbox Live News app.

    VVM is available on Windows 10 PCs, and you can find it at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/games/online-gaming/windows-10-online-games.

    We’re also excited to announce that we are also launching a new service that lets you play Xbox Live games on your Windows 10 PC, the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    That service will launch with a free trial, and will be available in the coming weeks.”

    Microsoft is not confirming whether VVM on Xbox will include Xbox Live Game Passes or Xbox Passes.

    The Marketplace will be the place for gamers to purchase additional games and services like subscriptions, or access to games in other online games.

    VMs are currently available on Xbox 360, but are coming to the Xbox One later this year.

    The company also said that its new online service will have a higher latency than the current Xbox Live experience.

    Microsoft is also looking to offer other features, like “social media integration” for Xbox Live and its community of friends.

    The VVM Xbox One announcement comes a few weeks after the company announced it is going mobile first with its new gaming service in early 2019.

    It will also be the first major online service Microsoft has launched on the Xbox platform for mobile users.


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