Now you can order pizza with your voice, and it’s free.

    Amazon’s Alexa platform has been getting a lot of attention lately as Amazon has been rolling out new features to its online service.

    Alexa now has a new “Alexa Now” feature, which allows Alexa to search for specific items and provide a shopping cart for you.

    You can then select the item to order, and the Amazon Alexa app will provide the details on how to get the item and get you started.

    You can also search for recipes to get you up and running on your new Alexa device.

    The Alexa app has a “Find My Phone” feature to make phone calls and set reminders.

    You also can access Alexa’s “Voice” feature in the Amazon app, which can also be used to ask questions.

    Now you can buy pizza on Amazon’s online store using your voice using Amazon’s Alexa device and Amazon Alexa Voice Remote, the Echo Show, and Echo Dot.

    The Echo Show can be connected to a wireless speaker to stream live radio and play podcasts, while the Echo Dot and Echo Show both stream podcasts and have built-in Alexa devices.

    You’ll need to be a registered Amazon Echo or Echo Show owner to order from Amazon’s website, and you can also make and order the pizzas with a few taps of your voice.

    You also have the option to buy multiple pizzas for a single order, or to order multiple pizzases and have them shipped to your home.

    You will also need to add delivery information to your account to receive the pizzes for delivery.

    Amazon said it will begin offering Alexa-enabled devices in the coming weeks, but there are no firm dates for when you can get Alexa-ready.


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