Laredo — You may not know it, but you are getting a little internet on your bill.

    Internet providers that use Laredonas 4G cellular service may be getting a big tax break under new legislation that passed the Texas Legislature on Monday.

    Internet service providers are being forced to charge a $5,000 fee to anyone using their network in Texas, even if they are already paying the fee.

    Internet companies and wireless carriers have been fighting a decades-old law that was supposed to prevent them from being taxed.

    But on Monday, state lawmakers made a change that could save them money by not imposing a tax on the internet service providers.

    That’s because the law exempts mobile data and video service from the state’s sales tax.

    “This is really important to protect consumers and the tax base,” said Sen. Eddie Lucio, R-Laredo.

    “I’m thrilled that the new legislation allows for the exemption of mobile internet service from this tax.”

    The bill exempts the internet companies from the tax, which is expected to save the state money.

    It is expected that the tax could be paid for by the internet providers.

    They can charge customers $5 per month, which includes the cost of the data and the fees.

    The bill is being championed by state Sen. Donna Campbell, R.D., who represents Laredonia.

    The bill also allows mobile phone service providers to avoid paying sales taxes.

    Internet service has become the new frontier in Texas.

    The internet providers are providing high-speed internet for home and business customers, but the tax has been a problem.

    In a letter to the legislature, Lucio said the internet tax should not be a tax, because it is an exemption.

    He said the new law gives consumers more control over where they spend their money and lets them avoid taxes.

    He said the bill was important to make sure the internet is affordable for everyone.

    “When you’re talking about millions of dollars a year for the state, we want to ensure that people have the ability to make decisions about what they spend and what they save,” he said.

    Loveday Brown, the executive director of the Texas Internet Association, said the tax should be eliminated because it was hurting people.

    “The internet is an investment,” she said.

    “We don’t need this tax, and I’m pleased that the bill provides some relief for the people who are using it.”

    The new law exempting internet providers from the sales tax does not change how much internet service customers pay, which means internet providers can continue charging a fixed fee and still make money from their customers.

    It’s unclear how many people are using the internet.

    A report from the Texas Municipal League found that Texas internet users spend less than 1% of their income on their services, but that figure includes the taxes and fees.

    That could be an indication of just how much consumers are using.

    The Texas Tax Commission estimated that in 2015, internet service costs $1.4 billion to $1 and a half billion dollars, depending on where you live.

    The FCC estimated that Texas was losing about $600 million per year to internet service.


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