Three weeks ago, I travelled to Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Sands.

    I was there for a job fair, and the job fair itself was an opportunity to learn more about the hotel industry.

    The job fair was in the Wynn hotel, which was owned by MGM Resorts International, the parent company of MGM Resort International.

    There were no hotel staff present, just hotel executives.

    When I went, I was immediately met with a line of hotel workers in blue shirts.

    They were being given a free hotel room.

    “They’re here to make you work,” the hotel executive said, referring to the hotel workers.

    At first, I assumed they were making me work for free, to show that I was paying them for their time.

    But they weren’t paying me for my time.

    They had paid me for mine.

    They said they were here to teach me something, and if I want to learn something they’d pay me for it.

    For a couple of hours, I worked on a freebie.

    But that was only a fraction of the time I was working on this freebie, and I still had a couple days to go.

    So when the next time I went to the job Fair I went there for another freebie and, once again, I wasn’t paid.

    I wasn- “This is a job,” I was told, as I sat at a table in a room, with the hotel employee beside me.

    This time, I sat on a chair.

    This time, he was sitting in a chair in front of me.

    This second time, the hotel worker who was supposed to be teaching me something in the room next to me handed me a piece of paper.

    It said “You are free to work anywhere you want.

    You are not expected to work here.”

    I said to the worker, “What did you just say?”

    I said, “I’m not going to work at the hotel, I’m not working there.”

    “You don’t want to work?” he said.

    “You’re a slave.”

    So I went back to the room and the next day, I did not go to the jobs Fair, but I got the job at the Marriott Marquis.

    That’s how I ended up at a hotel.

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