An internet service provider (ISP) is taking a page from the Department of Homeland Security’s playbook and warning residents that an attack could be looming soon.

    “We’re taking a cue from DHS and telling people to be aware,” Rob Cocker, VP of communications at Tucows, told CBC News.

    “This is a very dangerous time, we’ve seen a lot of high-profile incidents, and it’s really important that you take the necessary steps.”

    Cocker says internet service providers are working to “assess our customers and provide a solution that will protect your business and privacy.”

    A new service dubbed DDoS Attack Detection Center (DAC) is being launched today by Tucows.

    According to Cocker the DAC “will provide you with tools to track attacks, provide you alerts, and provide your customers with protection.

    You can also share your data with others who can help us protect your network.”

    DDoS attack detection centers are currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    They provide tools to help users detect attacks that could be coming soon, such as ransomware.

    According the Tucows site, the DAC’s goal is to provide “a toolkit for the industry to help protect customers.”

    It will be available for free starting today and will continue to be free.

    If you are a business with customers who need help, you can download the DAC and set it up yourself.

    “As a service provider, we want to provide an online resource to help businesses, government agencies, and individuals who are impacted by cybercrime,” the Tucow site says.

    “Through this new service, we will provide a centralized resource to provide the tools you need to help keep your organization protected.”

    DAS is an acronym for Digital Assessments and Response.

    It is an online tool that is similar to DDoS Mitigation Center.

    It has already been used by the US government and other organizations in the US.

    “DDoS mitigation tools are now the standard for the entire cybersecurity industry, with companies like Cisco and Symantec providing a range of tools to protect their customers and customers’ data,” the DHS website says.

    Cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky told CBC that DDoS mitigation is becoming increasingly common in the cyber-security industry.

    “I think the fact that you have companies like Symantech and Cisco doing this makes a lot more sense, I think it’s more effective than you might think,” he said.

    Kaminsky said the DAC could be useful to law enforcement agencies as well as those in remote areas.

    “It’s very useful in a lot different situations that you’re dealing with in rural areas where the internet is pretty slow, it’s not a huge network, so you don’t want to put your data in the hands of the wrong people, which means you don’ have the tools to detect and defend against these kinds of attacks,” he explained.

    Kaminksy says the DAC is a good place to start if you have a business and are concerned about your security.

    “There are a lot, if not hundreds, of services out there that you can go and check out that offer some kind of security protection,” he added.


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