The average Australian pays around $30 per month for a basic internet service, according to data from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    However, if you have an upgrade or upgrade to the most popular version of a broadband plan, you may be paying more.

    We’ve looked at the cost of the internet service and what the government is telling you.

    What are your options?

    If you have a basic broadband plan and you’re going to buy a new device, you’re looking at around $10 per month.

    The upgrade to higher-speed plans usually cost around $20 a month, with the most expensive plan offering a monthly price of around $100.

    But you can get an upgrade for about $20 to $100 for a device you already own.

    If you’ve got an upgrade to an upgraded service and want to buy it, you can pay as much as $100 per month to upgrade to a new modem and add extra features.

    You’ll need to pay for the additional modem and cables, and you’ll need a modem that’s capable of running at speeds up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps).

    For example, if the cheapest option for an upgrade costs $25 per month, you’ll pay around $50 per month over a 10-year period.

    If you’ve already got a basic router, it can cost $100 a month.

    A number of broadband providers offer plans with different monthly pricing for different devices.

    Optimum offers plans for two basic phones and one laptop, with a minimum price of $100, and for four smartphones and one tablet.

    Some of the cheapest plans for a new smartphone offer $300 per month and include a data allowance.

    If your broadband provider is offering a fixed price for the upgrade, you should check it out.

    A higher price could be due to any extra fees.

    If the broadband provider doesn’t have a fixed cost for the service, they could ask you to sign a contract.

    If the provider won’t sell you the device and you want to upgrade, your options are to get a refund from the internet provider, which can cost around 15 per cent of the cost, or to get the device from another provider, where they’ll charge less.

    If that’s the case, you could also take your phone to a dealer and pay a lower price.

    What about internet service providers?

    Internet service providers such as Optimum and Telstra are also offering services that include a fixed monthly price for an upgraded device.

    They’re usually available from your broadband service provider, but some are also available from mobile phone providers, such as Vodafone.

    If a mobile phone is included with a mobile broadband plan it’s likely you’ll get the lowest price.

    You’ll need an internet connection for most of these services.

    If a fixed plan isn’t available, you won’t have to pay more than $50 a month for your upgrade, which is around the average cost of a phone plan.

    If there’s a monthly data cap or an extended data plan, or if you’ve switched to a more expensive plan, your bill could increase.

    If it’s a phone or tablet upgrade, the price you pay is usually the same as for the base plan.

    However you can upgrade to different plans, such a a smartphone plan or a data plan.

    What are the different tiers?

    There are different tiers for different internet service plans.

    The most popular plan offers speeds of up to 5 megabit per second, with some plans offering speeds up a staggering 100Mbps.

    These plans usually include a small data allowance for free.

    For more information about the different plans available, check out our guide to buying a new mobile phone.

    If I want to purchase a new phone or add an extra data line, do I have to buy the same plan?

    Yes, you do.

    Most internet service plan prices are the same, but you’ll have to choose the most up-to-date plan to get your phone and tablet.

    If your plan isn ‘unlimited’, you’ll be able to add extra data as you go.

    If my plan doesn’t offer unlimited data, what are the options?

    Some internet service provider plans offer an unlimited data plan for up to 10GB per month (depending on the plan), with some costing up to 500GB per year.

    Other plans offer a data cap of no more than 10GB for 10 years.

    If an unlimited plan is available, there are two options:If you’re buying a phone, you might be able access unlimited data from your mobile device.

    If this isn’t possible, you have to get an ‘unified data’ plan, which costs up to $200 a year, or you can buy an ‘offline data’ account, which has no cap on data.

    The data plan doesn.

    The price is set by the internet company, but if you’re not sure what you’re paying, check the details of the plan.

    Telstra has plans that offer unlimited downloads, with prices starting from $50


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