It’s almost a year since Telstra announced it was shutting down its fibre broadband network.

    But the NBN has been in the news a lot in the last year or so, as the Coalition has used its own government’s policy to roll out its own fibre optic network.

    And now, with NBN Co set to begin rolling out its network to Telstra customers in early 2018, the telco will be introducing its own high-speed internet services.

    Telstra has been looking to upgrade its copper network for some time now, but has only begun rolling it out to other customers in 2016.

    The first services to roll will be a $130 per month bundle of speeds, dubbed the Camnet.

    This service will have a monthly cap of 4Mbps, and will include internet services such as streaming video, mobile hotspots, internet chat and more.

    It’s expected to be available to Telstar customers, and to new Telstra premises.

    Telnet will also be the primary internet service for customers in regional areas, including regional areas in regional Tasmania.

    The company will also provide other services including VoIP, a voice-over-internet protocol service that will allow customers to communicate with other customers and businesses, as well as provide remote access to a remote Telstra facility.

    Telstar will also receive Telnet as a standalone service.

    NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow says the rollout of Camnet will be an example of Telstra working closely with the community.

    “We are very much aware of the challenges and opportunities facing Telstra, including its transition to fibre to the premises.”

    Telstra is the first company to roll its own copper network. “

    It is also a demonstration of how we work closely with Telstra to support its transition.”

    Telstra is the first company to roll its own copper network.

    In May, it was announced it would provide fibre broadband to some customers in some areas, but not others.

    In September, the company also announced it had started building its own fiber network to the homes of Telstar and other customers, which it said would be completed by the middle of next year.

    It has also started to roll Telstra’s network to other businesses and businesses in remote areas.

    Telpac CEO Steve Tregubbe says it’s about making sure the company can remain competitive, while also ensuring it remains competitive with other Telstra services.

    “In this environment, we can’t have two providers competing for the same customer,” Mr Tregubsbe said.

    Mr Trenberth says Telstra will work with other telcos to ensure it is providing a service that works for Telstra.

    “Telstra has had a long and successful history of providing its customers with competitive fibre service.

    This will continue,” he said.

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