Bluegrass internet services company Bluegrass will be bought by Bell, the broadcaster has confirmed. 

    The deal, expected to close next week, is subject to regulatory approval by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

    Belling said it had reached a “significant milestone” in its acquisition of the company and the transaction was expected to be completed in the “near future”. 

    “We are delighted to have achieved this milestone, which will create a company with a proven track record of delivering the best in internet service and broadband services,” Bell said in a statement. 

    “Our long-term investment in Bluegrass, combined with the strong growth we have experienced, is creating a truly world-class provider of internet service. 

     “In partnership with the local communities that use Bluegrass as our gateway to the wider internet, this acquisition will create new opportunities for our customers in the state of New York, as well as for our international clients. 

    Last year Bell Media acquired internet service provider Bixby in a $US40 billion deal. “

    The acquisition of Bluegrass means that Bell Media can focus its resources on delivering a more comprehensive broadband service to New York,” the company said. 

    Last year Bell Media acquired internet service provider Bixby in a $US40 billion deal. 

    It’s also part of a multi-billion-dollar merger of Bell Media and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) worth $US8 billion. 

    Bluegrass’ future Bell Media said it would retain the Blue-grass Communications and Media Group (BCMG) which would “continue to be owned by Bell in the future”.”BCMG’s leadership will continue to be provided by its own board of directors and its corporate officers,” the statement read. 

    But it’s unclear what the new company will be called. 

    BCMG is based in New South Wales, Australia and is owned by a consortium of public and private businesses including Telstra, NBN Co and the National Broadband Network Company (NBNCo). 

    The merger was expected as part of the merger of the US-based BSkyB and BSkyH internet service providers. 

    According to the Australian Communications and Energy Consumer Council (ACEC), Bluegrass was the country’s fifth largest internet service company, providing more than a quarter of the countrys internet subscribers. 

    In 2015 Bluegrass reported a net loss of $US9.4 billion ($US17.5 billion) after the deal to buy Bixbys online services from US-focused ISP Comcast. 

    Earlier this month, Bluegrass confirmed it had completed its acquisition with Bell, with Bell announcing it was in talks to purchase the company from it for $US1 billion.

    The purchase of Blue Grass is the biggest investment in broadband in Australia’s history, with an estimated value of $8 billion, the ACCC said.


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