Verizon, Google and other telecoms have been using a server owned by the Indian government to send Internet data to mobile phones, an analysis of documents released by the US government has revealed.

    India’s government has denied any connection between its DNS server and the data being sent to the mobile phones in the United States.

    However, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has acknowledged that it uses the Indian server to conduct a large number of surveillance activities on its networks.

    The NSA documents also revealed that the NSA uses a DNS-like server to store and transmit data from a satellite to a device in the US.

    The information collected by the NSA is stored in a server in Hawaii, where the NSA maintains a satellite base.

    The US government maintains a separate base in Hawaii.

    The US government’s reliance on the DNS server for such purposes is consistent with previous statements by officials who have said that US telecoms must be responsible for their own security.

    The data being transmitted by the DNS servers is mostly traffic from the telecommunications and financial sectors.

    It also includes traffic from other countries, which is sent in transit.

    In October, the NSA reported to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees that it has intercepted data from servers in China and Russia.

    In an internal report prepared for the National Security Council (NSC), the NSA said the data is being transmitted in transit and “it is likely that the source of the data would be within the US”.

    The US intelligence community has been concerned about the proliferation of surveillance tools used by other governments.

    The use of the DNS data by US telecom companies has raised concerns that they are being used by foreign intelligence agencies to spy on US citizens.

    India has long been a leading target of cyber attacks, particularly targeting the Indian banking sector.

    In 2015, India’s largest telecom operator, Reliance Communications, announced that it would not be able to provide services in India for several months.

    Reliance subsequently shut down the network and issued an apology.

    India also suffered a series of major cyber attacks that crippled a number of major Indian banks, including Reliance Jio.


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