Netgear has decided to end its trial of a ‘DNS DDoS’ service that could have crippled its rivals’ internet services, after it concluded the trial had failed to deliver on its promise.

    The internet service provider, which is now facing legal action from the government, has said it would withdraw the DDoS service from its networks after it found that it was causing serious problems for other internet services.

    The government has demanded a trial be stopped, but Netgear says it has been doing the right thing and has not violated any laws.

    The trial began on the third of May.

    The trial was launched by Netgear with a $50,000 prize, and the company was awarded a $1.6 million prize by the Competition Commission of India.

    Netgear said the trial was a success and its customers would benefit from having a service that offered faster and more reliable internet access.

    “Netgear has shown that it has demonstrated that its DDoS defense technology works,” said Rajesh Srivastava, a spokesperson for the company.

    “We have found the trials DDoS system to be the best we have ever tried.

    We have no plans to discontinue this service.

    Netgear is continuing to deliver DDoS services and we will continue to provide them to our customers as well,” he added.

    The Government of India has demanded Netgear discontinue its service, saying it is an infringement of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and that the trial “did not provide any benefit to Netgear”.

    “The court was not satisfied with the evidence given to it by the accused, who was not able to prove that his company was actually able to deliver internet service,” said the government in a statement.

    The company said it will appeal the decision.

    “The government cannot just shut us down for trial purposes,” said Srivas, who is also the vice president of corporate development at Netgear.

    “The trial should have been stopped after Netgear got a few more trial participants.

    We hope that the court will look at the case and see that there is an alternative solution for the Indian market,” he said.

    The case against Netgear and its competitor Reliance Communications was filed by the Centre for Electronic Democracy, an NGO that monitors cyber-crimes.

    The group accused the two of being part of a conspiracy to disrupt India’s internet.

    NetGear has already faced legal action in the US and Australia, as well as India, and in March, it received a $4.4 million settlement from the US Department of Justice, which had accused the company of “grossly negligent” internet service providers.


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