Consumers in some US cities are facing significant internet costs as more internet service providers (ISPs) in the country are opting to lower their monthly internet service fees to $5 per month.

    In other areas, consumers are paying more than $7 per month for the same service, according to new data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    The FCC data shows that a majority of ISPs in the United States are cutting their monthly monthly fees for internet access services to $6.95.

    However, the FCC data does not break down which providers are charging for the more expensive services.

    ISPs are required to provide a price for the most affordable internet service in the marketplace, and this is how they’ve chosen to charge for this type of service.

    However in some markets, the price of internet service is not disclosed.

    The data from FCC data is the first time the agency has been able to look at the pricing of internet access in the US.

    In a blog post, the agency said that “in some markets,” internet service costs are not disclosed, meaning consumers will not be able to determine how much they’re paying for the service.

    The FCC says the data is a snapshot, and that the agency is still collecting information about the pricing practices of ISPs.

    Consumers in the Washington, D.C. metro area, which includes the nation’s capital, paid an average of $8.25 per month on average for internet service, while in New York City, where the city has the nation ‘s largest population of internet users, the average cost for internet was $6 per month per user.

    The Washington, DC, data is from December, and New York’s data is based on a data collection period in July.

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, has been an outspoken critic of internet providers, which he has said are “overcharging” Americans for their internet service.

    He has also been pushing to impose net neutrality rules that would prohibit ISPs from blocking websites or throttling speeds for content they do not agree with.

    A group of ISPs, led by Comcast, recently filed a lawsuit against the FCC to block the rules.

    However Pai said on Thursday that his agency has not yet taken any legal action against ISPs, so the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed.

    He also said the agency could not yet make the FCC’s net neutrality proposal, which the FCC adopted last year.

    He said the FCC will publish a proposal to revise the net neutrality framework later this month.

    Consumers are already paying for internet in many other ways.

    The average US household has access to around 20 percent of its monthly income through the internet, and more than 40 percent of households are connected to at least one other internet service provider.


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