Have you ever wondered if your phone or tablet can provide enough power to get you online?

    It’s possible, but only if you know where to look.

    The answer is on the internet, and that’s where the Wildblue network comes in.

    Wildblue is the only NBN provider that offers internet service that is 100 per cent Australian-made and Australian-owned.

    It is also the only provider that is the first to offer fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) to the home, meaning that customers will never be left behind when they connect to the NBN network.

    WildBlue’s 100 per, 100 per fibre-plus network provides the backbone for the NBN’s fibre-optic rollout, which is expected to begin in 2021.

    It is a network that Wildblue built to the exact specifications it would be expected to meet if it were in the middle of a fire, with an infrastructure that would take a fire to break.

    “This is a really, really high-tech network, and it’s a high-end network,” CEO Chris Jones said.

    “So we can’t be going through all the steps and dealing with all the issues that we would have to deal with if we were on a traditional cable network.”

    Jones said that the network was designed to be able to handle up to 1 gigabyte of data per second (Gbps).

    This was because it was built for maximum speeds of 2 Gbps, with a maximum of 500 Gbps for the fibre-networking area.

    It also has a fibre-only option that allows NBN to deliver fibre to all homes and businesses, but will only deliver 100Mbps to homes and business premises.

    “The reason for that is that fibre is very, very expensive to build,” Jones said, pointing out that the cost of building fibre is high, and in many areas fibre is cheaper than copper.

    “There are many, many places that are not getting fibre at the moment, and they’re all in remote locations.”

    The cost of fibre to the premises is also very high, Jones said because it requires a lot of infrastructure and maintenance.

    “We’ve got to build fibre in rural areas where there are no access points,” he said.

    In total, WildBlue has a footprint of more than 7.4 million kilometres of fibre optic cable.

    The fibre network was originally designed to deliver 2G and 3G speeds, and was upgraded with an upgrade to the 4G standard, which was designed for 5G and the internet rollout.

    Wildblues network has a total capacity of 4G and 100Mbps.

    It has also been upgraded to include fibre-reception infrastructure.

    It comes at a cost.

    It currently costs $12 per month per user to get internet, which could be reduced by using the network to offer FTTN or fibre-less service.

    “It’s a $100,000 cost per year per customer, but I think it’s fair to say that in a world where we have to spend $60 billion per year on the NBN, we’re going to have to take that cost,” Jones explained.

    The cost for the network will come down over time as more NBN users connect to it, and the cost will fall by a factor of two every year.

    Jones said the network would be designed to provide up to 50 gigabytes of data, which would be sufficient to provide broadband speeds of 1 Gbps.

    The network is expected be up and running by 2021.

    Jones is not worried about the network’s cost because it will be so reliable.

    “If we’re in the midst of a disaster, it’ll be a $3 million disaster,” Jones added.

    “But if we’re out in a really good situation, we can still go to a $10 million disaster, and we’ll be fine.”NBN’s 100-per-Fibre network is the network that will replace the copper network that the Coalition promised would be built in 2025.

    It will replace existing fibre-wireless lines with fibre-fibre lines, and will have fibre-coaxial (FC) to connect to NBN’s existing copper network.

    In 2020, NBN announced that it was building a total of 6.3 million kilometres (3.4m miles) of copper network, which will eventually replace copper wire in homes and other businesses.

    The Coalition promised to replace the existing copper wire, with fibre, in all areas.

    This has not happened yet, with the government’s announcement in March that it would only be building the first 2.4km (1.2 mile) of fibre network in 2021 and 2022.

    This means that NBN is planning to build the first fibre-capable premises in the 2020s.

    But this is far from the only problem with the network.

    The NBN is also planning to install FTTNs (fibres-to the-node) in rural and remote areas


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