The first time you visit India, you’ll notice that the internet service is slow, and you’ll need to get online on a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.

    But the Internet Service Providers of India (ISI), the country’s largest and most powerful telecommunications provider, says it will provide the internet for you once the Government of India launches a digital economy by 2020.

    The move comes amid a slowdown in the global economy, and a growing need for connectivity and ease of accessing the Internet.ISI has been planning the digital economy since the beginning of this year.

    It is launching the new internet in two phases, the first of which will cover 1.5 lakh households in the second phase, said Satyendra Kumar, chairman of the company.

    This is a phased rollout of internet services that will cover the country from 2019 to 2024, he added.

    The Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the target of making India the most connected country in the world by 2022, according to the countrys Information Technology and Innovation Organization (ITIO).

    “The government is investing $2 billion in the first phase of the digital transformation in India,” said Amit Mishra, the CEO of the Indian telecom industry body.

    “The second phase will provide internet connectivity to more than half of the population by 2020.”

    This phase of internet is expected to cover 10% of the country.

    In the last three years, the average monthly data usage has grown from 1.2 GB to 2.4 GB.

    In 2018, India saw a whopping 11.6% growth in average monthly usage.

    The country has more than 500 million internet users.

    According to a study by the ITIO, the number of internet users has been rising in India as the country has been developing its economy and has been expanding its internet infrastructure.

    In April, the government introduced the first fibre optic cable, which was launched in the capital Delhi and other cities.

    It will reach more than 300 million homes and businesses in the next five years.

    The government has also introduced the new 100Mbps internet plan for rural households.

    The plan will cost only $5 per month.

    India is also expected to launch 100Mbps broadband internet services across the country by 2022.

    The internet services are expected to be available to the average Indian by 2019.ISIs new internet plan is expected for rural homes and small businesses, and will cost about $5 a month.

    The company has also launched a digital banking platform to provide customers with the ability to make online payments, a key requirement for digital payments in India.

    The new internet services will also include the ability for businesses to use the internet to conduct business transactions, including credit cards, payments and other transactions.

    The government is also working on a plan to provide free internet to students in universities.

    The next phase of broadband is expected in 2021, said Kumar.


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