An Irish internet service provider is advising its customers to make sure they have access to the best internet connection possible.

    In a blog post, ISP Digital Ireland (DIE) said that its customers who were using a high-speed internet connection should “make sure they can get online safely and securely”.

    “If you are using a broadband connection you should be aware that you can be connected to the internet at your own risk,” the blog post read.

    “If your connection is not secure and/or unreliable, or you experience a slow connection, you should make sure to change your connection.”

    The company said that if you have not changed your connection to one that is capable of working with its fibre optic network, then you should check your internet connection for a while and make sure it can do so.

    “Make sure your connection has enough bandwidth, that you are connected to a stable, reliable and fast connection, and that it can handle all of the load you put on it,” the post read in part.

    “That means making sure you can surf the web safely, browse the web without problems, and get connected to your friends and family.”

    Digital Ireland said that internet speeds would improve over time, and would be improved by “a combination of better connectivity, improved technology, and new services”.

    “It is possible that a faster connection will improve your overall internet speed and the overall quality of your experience.

    But, there are also factors that can make your internet experience less reliable,” it added.

    The company added that there were no fixed plans for its service in Ireland.

    “We do not set any pricing for our internet services in Ireland, but we do offer the ability to switch our services if you choose to do so,” it said.

    “You may be able to use a fibre optic connection with your broadband provider, or if you are an ISP or ISP-licensed end user, you can also opt to have the service offered by your internet service providers.”

    Internet speed in IrelandDIE said that the service could provide a service to users who were not connected to an internet connection, which was an important consideration.

    “For people who have not had access to internet for a long time, this may be the only option for them to use the internet.

    It may be for those who have limited or no access to a network, for those with limited broadband speeds, or for those whose home internet is not capable of delivering the speeds that we offer,” the company said.DIE added that it does not guarantee internet speed in its service, and its services could be slow to offer for people with a slow internet connection.”

    The speed of the internet is determined by many factors including how much of the network is being used and how much data is being transferred and stored, the type of data being transmitted, the capacity of the data being transferred, and the speed of other devices accessing the data,” the service added.”

    These factors are all part of the process of setting the speed you need to use your internet, and can vary widely between countries.”


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