This is a transcript of the interview, edited for clarity and length.

    The interview is available on RTE’s website.

    A lot of people are asking why it is necessary for the internet to be free and open.

    The answer is simple, the internet is a network.

    It is open to everyone.

    It allows us to communicate and exchange ideas, it allows us access to the vastness of the web.

    But what happens if we have to pay for access to it?

    We pay for the ability to use the internet.

    That’s the main issue.

    How can we use it to help people when we can’t afford to pay?

    This is the issue that the Dáil will be discussing in the coming days.

    We want to make sure that everyone in Ireland is able to access the internet free and equal.

    So what is the right approach to this?

    What are we proposing that will make the internet more accessible to everyone?

    It is clear that the internet needs to be open, that it is not a monopoly.

    That is why the internet service providers, the telcos, are providing services to ensure that people can access it, free and at no cost.

    So there are two different approaches to making the internet easier for everyone.

    First, we should make it easier to access information online.

    Secondly, we need to make it possible for people to access and use the information that they need to be able to make decisions about what to do with it.

    That means creating a system that gives everyone the same access to information.

    And that means ensuring that it’s not an issue of whether someone pays for it or not, or whether they pay for it by way of an internet connection.

    That should be the basis of any kind of internet regulation.

    There should be a legal framework for ensuring that information is available to everyone, and that it can be shared as widely as possible.

    What about those who are paying for the right to access it?

    What do you think is the impact of that?

    The question is, what do you do if you don’t pay for an internet service?

    The answer should be clear to anyone reading this: if you pay for internet access, then you are subsidising a company that is providing access to your own data.

    So it’s a clear subsidy.

    The question of how to deal with people who don’t have access to internet access is one that we need urgent attention.

    In the meantime, we will continue to build a free and fair internet, but in a more democratic way.

    We will also make sure everyone can use it.

    We are committed to ensuring that every Irish citizen has access to all the information they need, regardless of whether they are paid for it.

    As a government we will be ensuring that we ensure access to a free, open and fair digital society.

    We’ll continue to take the next steps to build this.

    We know that this debate is far from over.

    We must continue to work on a free internet and open platforms to connect all the people who need access to digital information.

    That will be a difficult task.

    In a democracy, all voices are important.

    We hope that everyone will join us in working together to create an internet that is accessible and democratic.

    RTE is RTE Public Radio and is the broadcaster of choice for Irish public service, public broadcasting, radio and TV, and public health.


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